Leipzig-Halle Airport

Website, 2012
In 2012 Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding needed a new website for Leipzig-Halle Airport. Together with webvariants, UCD+ introduced a concept and visual design, that combines lots and lots of functions for desktop and mobile usage.

Concept and visual design

After getting a basic idea of the target group, the users and their needs, all main content and functions, I was involved in developing the structure and most important parts of the website. New and meaningful functions, as well as the rest of the site was defined together with the client. I then developed a visual system and did mockups for the most important modules and functionalities.

Further definitions

Some quite complex functions for finding flights, orientation inside the airport buildings, booking a parking spot and many more were worked out in team and I designed most of the elements visually. Simultaneously, the mobile version of the site was developed.

Finding flights by destination and date, results can be filtered and viewed in different ways
Orientation inside the airport is provided by custom maps

Visit the site at www.leipzig-halle-airport.de

After implementation by webvariants and launch in 2012, I was involved in the ongoing optimization of the main site, as well as in the design of newsletter and landing page layouts.

All shown work for this project was created in my role as senior interface designer at UCD+. Opinions expressed are my own.